Trick or treat!

It is Halloween, but it is a grocery shopping day for me.

First of all, I went to Union Square Greenmarket.

I recommend to start walking from this entrance.

“14 Street Union Square Station”


“Union Square Greenmarket”



I came here to get a cabbage.


Wait! Smell is so good!

I had to taste one.

It is just stir-fry shishito, but so gooood!

I got some.


There were fresh cranberries!

I usually see dried cranberries at a grocery store.

I got one. It was sour, but not too bad.

But they told me I can’t eat raw cranberries.

BUT! Actually, you can eat raw cranberries.

I looked up on the Internet when I got home.

It is just too sour.


Done shopping in here.

Head to Trader Joe’s to get regular stuff.

Japanese call Trader Joe’s “TraJo”.


There is always long line, but it’s not too bad.

It is actually fast.


It is pretty heavy to bring the groceries all the way home.

Good workout.


Drink Halloween beer for fun at night.





Happy Halloween!


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