Adopt a Pet

Ready to have a new family member?

Many people have a pet in New York.

You can see many people take a dog for a walk wherever you go.

There is so many different kind of dogs people have.

I don’t think I have seen a pitbull in Japan.

In Japan, it is not illegal to have it, but it is pretty expensive.

I think many New Yokers like a pitbull.

They look cool, but you have to watch out!

They are originally developed as fighting dogs.

But they are not just dangerous.

They are smart.

They can be police dogs or therapy dogs.


Today, I went to Sean Casey Animal Rescue to buy a cat litter.

I  had to use a store credit.




I adopted my cat in here 2 months ago.

He was such a poor kitty.


I named him Sunny.

He follows me everywhere.

He is a lucky cat to have me. 🙂


Dogs were barking at me.

I was terrified.


There was a white pigeon today.

A white pigeon brings good luck to you?

I want to believe it.


They also have another animals such as birds, hamsters, mice, snakes, chameleon, etc,…


Mission Complete



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