Trump won!

Some of them are happy and some of them are unhappy.

It is raining, and I feel weird from all of this.

So, I decided to go to a fancy place today.

It is Eataly!

There is a good place for tourists and local people.




There is a bunch of cheese!

They have more.


I bought a mini baguette for dinner.

They just baked it, so it was still warm.

I knew it is good, so I had a one bite.

Oh man, it is awesome!

I can’t stop eating.

Yes, I ate them all. 😛

I went back to the bakery, and bought one more mini baguette …for dinner.


There is a nutella cafe.

I know nutella, and I think it is familiar, but I have no idea I have had it before.

Now, I am craving for it.


I will be back nutella!


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