I sometimes go to McDonald’s.

I like McCafe.

If you were traveling or exploring in New York, You might have to go to McDonald’s to use a restroom. Of couse, you have to buy something.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to find a restroom in New York.

I was in an emergency situation for a couple of times.

Sounds funny, but it is really terrible.

Well, I have a McDonald’s App, so I get coupons.

I went to McDonald’s to get a McCafé Peppermint Hot Chocolate, but when I ordered it, she said “We don’t have it.”.

So, I asked her “Can I get a McCafé Peppermint Mocha?”, then she said “Same machine.”.

I didn’t say that, but I was like “Whaaaaaaat? Why it is on a menu even you don’t have it?”.

I was dissapointed.

I still wanted to drink something, so I ordered McCafé Frappé Mocha.

Frappé Mocha was pretty good.

I enjoyed it.



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