Chelsea Market

I got off a train at 14 Station to stop by Petco, then I saw the Union Square Holiday Market.

They just opened yesterday.

I didn’t really see each of vendors today, so maybe I will go back there and talk about it later on.


There is a pianist!

Aw, he just finished playing piano.

I couldn’t really listen to it.

I wonder he has been to Japan.

Nice smile!


Ok, I got Chelsea Market.

There is a one of famouse place in New York.

Chelsea Market is a food hall, shopping mall, office building and television production facility.


“Chelsea Market”


Fat Witch Bakery is a brownie shop.

I love this brownie.


Those are good for souvenir.

I will buy you when I see you.


I think there is the best fish market in New York, but expensive!

I am planning to buy those sea food for Christmas dinner so far.



You can taste each of them except beer, so you could find your favorite olive oil, vinegar and salt in here.

I like garlic olive oil.

I think those are also good for a gift.


I found Thai curry paste!

I was looking for them in everywhere.

I didn’t know they have them.

I bought a red curry paste today.


I will be back to get an another curry paste!


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