The Home Depot

Lately, I often go to The Home Depot.

You can get anything in there for DIY.

Unfortunately, some shelf support pins were already broken or missing when I moved in to my current apartment. 😦


It is unbelievable to me.

I could ask a real estate to fix it in Japan, but it doesn’t work here.

It is just going to be arguing.

My super is always grumpy.

I have never seen he is nice to anyone else.

The rent is expensive in New York as Japan, so it’s not fair that they don’t work well.

But I would rather avoid conflict with them, so I went to The Home Depot to buy the pins.

There is tons of screws, so it was’t easy to find the pins.

I looked around for a while.

I finally found them. Yay!


I honestly had no idea I could get them in The Home Depot.

I finally fixed it.


Now I can put pots in there.

It was frustrating, so I am really happy I got the pins and fixed it today. 🙂


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