National Brownie Day

It is National Brownie Day!

Brownie was created in the United States.

I want to make a brownie, but an whisk is broken, so I went to Macy’s first to get a new one.


When I was on my way home, I saved a kid.

He was lost at the Station.

It is always crowded there becuase many people go shopping.

Looked like he was with a lady who was talking on the phone, and I thought he was sort of looking at me because I was eating french fries and he wanted it.

Anyway, he asked me to use my phone to call his Dad, so I realized he is lost.

Good thing was he remembered his Dad’s phone number, so we could find his Dad easily.

I was glad we found his Dad.

Feels good after you help someone, doen’t it?


Ok, I got an OXO’s whisk at Macy’s.

I like OXO’s cooking tools because the quality is good.

I also like Martha Stewart’s cooking tools tho it is expensive.


It was too fudgy, but it was good! 😛



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