Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It is nice outside, so I went for a walk.

It is quiet outside, but it has been really loud upstairs all day.

Their family is visiting since last week.

Upstairs and I talked about the noise.

We don’t fight. We both are being nice, but the noise pisses me off.

This apartment isn’t the place to get together.

It is one bed room apartment…

Good thing is they aren’t here parmanently, but they won’t leave here until 30th. Noooo!

Today, the happiest boy is my kitty.

He got some toys!

I got a real Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving Day.

It is beautiful and smell is good. It is nice!

It was the first time to get a real Christmas tree.

I decided to get a real one every year for Christmas, but 6-7 feet Christmas tree was a little big for my small apartment, so I will get 4-5 feet Christmas tree next year.

People drink Eggnog in America when on Christmas.

I don’t think I have had it, so I made it. I made an Eggnog cocktail.

I could imagine what is the taste like before I drink it.

I’m not a big fun of it tho I enjoyed it.

This year, many good things and bad things happend.

I am happy that this year is almost over.



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