Over the weekend wasn’t too bad, but I have been upsetting crazy immigrants.

I am immigrant too, but these people weren’t nice at all.

Sunday, my husband was taking a video of a cool elevator, then a guy almost attacked me. I was just being with him. The guy knows girl is easier to attack. He thought my husband was recording him. If it is, why not? Are you a criminal? Did you do something bad? Are you wanted? His English was really bad, but I heard he was saying fucking Asian to me. Again, I didn’t do anything. He was following us, so we almost went to police.

Yesterday, Mexican lady was using all washing machines and dryers in the shared laundy room all day long. ALL DAY LONG! She was complaing a super that machines are broken. The machines aren’t broken. You put too much clothes in the washing machines. Get over yourself.

I was afraid to go out today, but I decided to go to a gym to release the stress and then went to a grocery store.

I went to YMCA in downtown and swam for 30 minutes, and took a steam sauna.



Now, I feel much better!

Thank you YMCA!!


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