Road Trip Ⅰ

My husband and I took a road trip to Vermont to Massachusetts to Rhode Island to Connecticut from New York. We went 4 states. I thought we’ll be really tired, but it wasn’t too bad. It was actually good!


First of all, we went camping to Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests in Vermont.

We took Stratton Pond Trail. It’s a 4 miles(6.44km) trail.

road trip.JPG

It was a long trail.

After hiked 4 miles, we found the lake! There is the camping place.

It’s so beautiful…

road trip2.JPG

We made a fire and cooked diner right after we got a camping place.

After the sun went down completely, there was so dark, and wildlife was getting active.

We slept in a tent, but we woke up a couple of times because we heard owls and other birds. They were so close. We were also afraid of bears, but nothing happened. So I finally got up before 6:00 am. It was cold, but it was nice outside. We saw ducks in the lake.

We’ve gotta go back, so we ate breakfast and packed everything.

Before we got out of there, we took a picture, and I washed my face in the lake.

road trip1.JPG

It was pretty wild. I was so glad we made it.

After we walked 4 miles and got out of there, we headed to Boston Massachusetts.



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