Road Trip Ⅱ

Hello Massachusetts!

We went to Echo Bridge first. Luckily, there was nobody, so we shouted out. It was interesting.

road trip3.JPG

road trip4.jpg

After we were done shouting, we headed to a hotel. We stayed at Homewood Suites by Hilton Boston Logan Airport Chelsea. It was really nice. I highly recommend it. It’s nicer than my apartment. If I rent an apartment like this in New York, it would be $3,000 a month.


After we took a shower and took a rest, we went to downtown in Boston. Trains were clean, and people have good manners in Boston. I was impressed. Look at New York, it’s disappointing.

road trip6.JPG

After we walked around, we went to Quincy Market. We found a lobster tail pastry! It was so crunchy. I liked it. Goog snack. We also had a dinner in Quincy Market.

road trip7.JPG

road trip8.jpg

We went back to the hotel around 9:00 pm, and then we went to bed early. We were so tired, but in a good way.



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