Road Trip Ⅲ

We’re going camping again!

We checked out the hotel, and then headed to Cape Cod.

When we got to Cape Cod, we went to eat lobster roll at the friendly fisherman. It was pretty good. A lots of meat!

road trip9.JPG

road trip10.JPG

After we ate lobster roll, we went to see Nauset Light. It’s a Cape Cod Potato Chips bag!

road trip11.JPG

We also went to Highland Lighthouse. It’s the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Cape Cod. We climbed the lighthouse. I was so scared becasue I’m afraid of heights.

road trip12.JPG

road trip13.JPG

road trip14.jpg

There are many mini golf places in Cape Cod. My husband loves it, so we played one game before we go camping. I wasn’t very good at it, but it was fun!

Finally, we got to Nickerson State Park to camp. There were so many caterpillars from pine trees. I hate them, so I had to get in a tent right after I ate dinner. We didn’t have to be afraid of bears this time, and it was quiet, so we could sleep well.

road trip15.JPG

road trip16.jpg

Bugs were terrible tho we could camping next to a car, and there was water, so it was much easier than last time.



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