Road Trip Ⅳ

We’re going to Connecticut today!

We stopped by Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory after we got out of the park. It’s a self guided tour. We saw how the chips were made.

road trip17.jpg

road trip18.jpg

We got sample bags. Thank you!


We headed to Rhode Island after the factory tour. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. We went to The Hot Club to eat lunch. The movie “There’s Something About Mary” was filmed there in 1997. I can’t believe Ben Stiller was here for 20 years ago!

road trip19.jpg

road trip21.jpg

road trip20.JPG

We decided to go to Cliff Walk after we enjoyed lunch and taking pictures. As the name suggests, we walked the cliff. Oh, that’s The Breakers! Whoa, I’m jealous.

road trip22.JPG

After we enjoyed walking the cliff, we headed to a hotel in Connecticut.

We did a lot, so we wanted to just relax at a hotel at the night. So, we decided to take out for dinner. There was a chinese restaurant nearby a hotel. The review was pretty good, so we decided to go there. It was reasonable and was a lot. We could eat half of them.

We’re going back to New York tomorrow.



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