Short Trip Ⅰ

One of my bucket list is “Eat a lobster in Portland Maine”.

It is the day fly there!

I woke up early and got to the airport, although my flight was delayed for 5 hours.

I got refreshments from the airline company which I appreciate it, but it wasn’t fun that they changed the gates and times many times. I had never experienced like that before.

short trip1.JPG

Finally, took off!

It is raining, but it is blue sky above the clouds. So nice!

short trip2.jpg

I am always excited to get refreshments on an airplane like a little kid, but I couldn’t get them because we had to land. There were two flight attendants, so they could give us refreshments quickly. I was dissapointed. 😦


Ok, I landed in Portland Maine.

I was lucky I caught a bus right after I got off of an airplane.

I headed to downtown.

It was really cold. It was 56 degrees (13 celsius).

I didn’t check the weather because I came here for just one night. And it is also Summer now.

It was already 4:45 pm, so I decided to eat early dinner at DiMillo’s on the Water

This restaurant is floating. It is cool!

She told me she turned heater on, so I decided to eat outside deck.

short trip3.JPG

I usually prefer wine to beer, but I tried Shipyard Beer

The beer was good. It is not too strong, but it is not too light. It was easy to drink for me.

The lobster was delicious!

I watched YouTube “How to eat a lobster”. It was perfect! I did good job.

My one of dream came true. Thank you lobster! God bless you.


After I ate a lobster, I took a bus and went to a hotel.

When I got to the hotel, I got a decaf coffee and took a shower and got warm.

I was tired, so I fell asleep before 10:00 pm.



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