Short Trip Ⅱ

I woke up early and ate breakfast, and then I cheked out a hotel.

I headed to The Holy Donut

short trip5.jpg

This donut shop is popular in the United States.

The secret ingredients are Maine potatoes.

I got a Pomegranate and a Maple Bacon. I brought them home for my husband.

short trip4.jpg

Alright, I am ready to go to Boston!

Bye-Bye Maine! Thank you!

short trip6.JPG

short trip7.jpg

I took a bus and went to Boston.

I got to Boston around noon. It was lunch time, so I went straight to Union Oyster House

It is the America’s oldest restaurant.

short trip8.jpg

Last time when I came to Boston, it was so crawded here.

I was lucky there was no line this time.

I ordered a Cold Seafood Sampler (Shucked Oysters, Cherrystone Clams & Shrimps) and an Oyster House Clam Chowder. These were good, but I loved the corn bread more than anything else. 🙂 I usually am not a big fun of a corn bread, but this corn bread was so good. I said it is so good, and then she gave me one to go. That was really nice!

short trip9.JPG

After I ate lunch, I headed to Faneuil Hall Marketplace

short trip10.JPG

short trip17.jpg

That is a cute shop!

short trip12.jpg

short trip11.jpg

I spent so much time in here. I have to go to South Station and then head to the airport.

I found “Milk Street” on my way to the Station.

short trip13.JPG

I caught a bus  immediately when I got to the Station. But! Unfortunately, I got a delayed message from jetBlue. The airport is International airport which is huge, so I headed to there early just in case. So, I had a plenty of time. There was another flight before mine, so I asked them I could change my flight, and then they did it! I was so happy and relived because I didn’t want to go home around midnight from the airport in New York.

Yesterday, I got an email from jetBlue. They offered me a free coffee at the Au Bon Pain, so I got a coffee. That made me happy too. 🙂 jetBlue is one of my favorite airline company.

short trip14.JPG

Boston is nice. I like it.

Bye-Bye Boston! Thank you!

short trip15.jpg

I could see Manhattan from my seat. It looked so cool! That was awesome!

Meanwhile, my husband was at the beach house in North Carolina. He got home a couple hours before me. We exchanged a souvenir.

short trip16.JPG

The end…


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