It is Labor Day! People are off work, and my husband’s old friend is visiting New York. We decided to meet him at a bar. It is called Sunshine. There is also a laudromat.



There are some pinball machines in a laudromat when you walk in there, but keep going until you see the washing machine and dryer door!


Open the door! There is a bar, and there are more pinball machines!


I got a frozen rose. I have never seen like this. It was good, but honestly I did not feel alcohol that much. If they use ice, $10 is too expensive. Goog idea tho.


Pinball was banned beginning in the early 1940s until 1976 in New York because pinball machines were sometimes used as gambling devices. I did not know that until last year.


I like to play pinball. 🙂



$5 Bonafied Big Box is Back at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen!


It is a good deal!

I love fried chicken. It is not good for you, but it is ok sometimes.

I had to go out this afternoon, so I got the bonafied big box and drink for lunch.

If you feel bad eating greasy food, get a cole slaw for side dish. That is what I did. 😛


I took them out, and went to Union Square Park to eat them.

It is nice to eat in the outside.

This deal is good through September 24th. It is just for a month deal!

It is three day weekend from tomorrow, so I got flowers to celebrate.


It has been one year since I adapted my cat. He is precious.

One more good news is…

I got a green card tonight. Finally!

USCIS is really terrible. So unorganized and so much mistakes.

I don’t want any immigrants to go through like me. I could give them some advices if someone is having a hard time getting a green card. If you are doing right, you will be ok.

I thank you for everyone who was supportive for me.

Have a good weekend everyone!


I got a free coffee coupon from 7-Eleven, so I went to get it today.


I used to work for 7-Eleven when I was high school student.

There are varieties of coffee here.

It is pretty different with Japanese 7-Eleven.


I got a brazilian coffee, and made a caramel cream coffee.

Sugar made me happy…


I like this 7-Eleven because people are nice.

I spilled syrup then he wiped it for me. That was sweet. 🙂

Thank you!


I often go to Whole Foods Market recently.

This is my favorite Whole Foods Market because there is less crowded.



They have a parking lot. I think it is rare in New York.


It is also cool they have solar panels.

I like it somehow.


I need a lemon to make a detox water and smoothies.


I am obsessed with super food.

I drink detox water every day. And I drink smoothies with chia seeds every morning.

I got some goji berries today. Taste isn’t very good, but I can still eat it.


I love this bakery. Bread is big and good price. Of course the taste is good!


I also have a Whole Foods Market App. I check it every week.

Short Trip Ⅱ

I woke up early and ate breakfast, and then I cheked out a hotel.

I headed to The Holy Donut

short trip5.jpg

This donut shop is popular in the United States.

The secret ingredients are Maine potatoes.

I got a Pomegranate and a Maple Bacon. I brought them home for my husband.

short trip4.jpg

Alright, I am ready to go to Boston!

Bye-Bye Maine! Thank you!

short trip6.JPG

short trip7.jpg

I took a bus and went to Boston.

I got to Boston around noon. It was lunch time, so I went straight to Union Oyster House

It is the America’s oldest restaurant.

short trip8.jpg

Last time when I came to Boston, it was so crawded here.

I was lucky there was no line this time.

I ordered a Cold Seafood Sampler (Shucked Oysters, Cherrystone Clams & Shrimps) and an Oyster House Clam Chowder. These were good, but I loved the corn bread more than anything else. 🙂 I usually am not a big fun of a corn bread, but this corn bread was so good. I said it is so good, and then she gave me one to go. That was really nice!

short trip9.JPG

After I ate lunch, I headed to Faneuil Hall Marketplace

short trip10.JPG

short trip17.jpg

That is a cute shop!

short trip12.jpg

short trip11.jpg

I spent so much time in here. I have to go to South Station and then head to the airport.

I found “Milk Street” on my way to the Station.

short trip13.JPG

I caught a bus  immediately when I got to the Station. But! Unfortunately, I got a delayed message from jetBlue. The airport is International airport which is huge, so I headed to there early just in case. So, I had a plenty of time. There was another flight before mine, so I asked them I could change my flight, and then they did it! I was so happy and relived because I didn’t want to go home around midnight from the airport in New York.

Yesterday, I got an email from jetBlue. They offered me a free coffee at the Au Bon Pain, so I got a coffee. That made me happy too. 🙂 jetBlue is one of my favorite airline company.

short trip14.JPG

Boston is nice. I like it.

Bye-Bye Boston! Thank you!

short trip15.jpg

I could see Manhattan from my seat. It looked so cool! That was awesome!

Meanwhile, my husband was at the beach house in North Carolina. He got home a couple hours before me. We exchanged a souvenir.

short trip16.JPG

The end…

Short Trip Ⅰ

One of my bucket list is “Eat a lobster in Portland Maine”.

It is the day fly there!

I woke up early and got to the airport, although my flight was delayed for 5 hours.

I got refreshments from the airline company which I appreciate it, but it wasn’t fun that they changed the gates and times many times. I had never experienced like that before.

short trip1.JPG

Finally, took off!

It is raining, but it is blue sky above the clouds. So nice!

short trip2.jpg

I am always excited to get refreshments on an airplane like a little kid, but I couldn’t get them because we had to land. There were two flight attendants, so they could give us refreshments quickly. I was dissapointed. 😦


Ok, I landed in Portland Maine.

I was lucky I caught a bus right after I got off of an airplane.

I headed to downtown.

It was really cold. It was 56 degrees (13 celsius).

I didn’t check the weather because I came here for just one night. And it is also Summer now.

It was already 4:45 pm, so I decided to eat early dinner at DiMillo’s on the Water

This restaurant is floating. It is cool!

She told me she turned heater on, so I decided to eat outside deck.

short trip3.JPG

I usually prefer wine to beer, but I tried Shipyard Beer

The beer was good. It is not too strong, but it is not too light. It was easy to drink for me.

The lobster was delicious!

I watched YouTube “How to eat a lobster”. It was perfect! I did good job.

My one of dream came true. Thank you lobster! God bless you.


After I ate a lobster, I took a bus and went to a hotel.

When I got to the hotel, I got a decaf coffee and took a shower and got warm.

I was tired, so I fell asleep before 10:00 pm.


Road Trip Ⅴ

It’s the last day of the trip.

We went to see Castle Craig after we checked out a hotel. We were going to drive to get there, but gates were closed. So, we decided to climb up the mountain. We climebed up for 30 minutes, and then we got the castle.

road trip23.jpg

We came up here from the lake.

road trip24.jpg

We ate lunch next to the lake, and then headed back to New York.

Ugh, New York is stinky 😦


I’m home Sunny!

road trip25.jpg

The End 🙂

Road Trip Ⅳ

We’re going to Connecticut today!

We stopped by Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory after we got out of the park. It’s a self guided tour. We saw how the chips were made.

road trip17.jpg

road trip18.jpg

We got sample bags. Thank you!


We headed to Rhode Island after the factory tour. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. We went to The Hot Club to eat lunch. The movie “There’s Something About Mary” was filmed there in 1997. I can’t believe Ben Stiller was here for 20 years ago!

road trip19.jpg

road trip21.jpg

road trip20.JPG

We decided to go to Cliff Walk after we enjoyed lunch and taking pictures. As the name suggests, we walked the cliff. Oh, that’s The Breakers! Whoa, I’m jealous.

road trip22.JPG

After we enjoyed walking the cliff, we headed to a hotel in Connecticut.

We did a lot, so we wanted to just relax at a hotel at the night. So, we decided to take out for dinner. There was a chinese restaurant nearby a hotel. The review was pretty good, so we decided to go there. It was reasonable and was a lot. We could eat half of them.

We’re going back to New York tomorrow.


Road Trip Ⅲ

We’re going camping again!

We checked out the hotel, and then headed to Cape Cod.

When we got to Cape Cod, we went to eat lobster roll at the friendly fisherman. It was pretty good. A lots of meat!

road trip9.JPG

road trip10.JPG

After we ate lobster roll, we went to see Nauset Light. It’s a Cape Cod Potato Chips bag!

road trip11.JPG

We also went to Highland Lighthouse. It’s the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Cape Cod. We climbed the lighthouse. I was so scared becasue I’m afraid of heights.

road trip12.JPG

road trip13.JPG

road trip14.jpg

There are many mini golf places in Cape Cod. My husband loves it, so we played one game before we go camping. I wasn’t very good at it, but it was fun!

Finally, we got to Nickerson State Park to camp. There were so many caterpillars from pine trees. I hate them, so I had to get in a tent right after I ate dinner. We didn’t have to be afraid of bears this time, and it was quiet, so we could sleep well.

road trip15.JPG

road trip16.jpg

Bugs were terrible tho we could camping next to a car, and there was water, so it was much easier than last time.


Road Trip Ⅱ

Hello Massachusetts!

We went to Echo Bridge first. Luckily, there was nobody, so we shouted out. It was interesting.

road trip3.JPG

road trip4.jpg

After we were done shouting, we headed to a hotel. We stayed at Homewood Suites by Hilton Boston Logan Airport Chelsea. It was really nice. I highly recommend it. It’s nicer than my apartment. If I rent an apartment like this in New York, it would be $3,000 a month.


After we took a shower and took a rest, we went to downtown in Boston. Trains were clean, and people have good manners in Boston. I was impressed. Look at New York, it’s disappointing.

road trip6.JPG

After we walked around, we went to Quincy Market. We found a lobster tail pastry! It was so crunchy. I liked it. Goog snack. We also had a dinner in Quincy Market.

road trip7.JPG

road trip8.jpg

We went back to the hotel around 9:00 pm, and then we went to bed early. We were so tired, but in a good way.