I went to Sunrise Mart in East Village.

There are also some Japanese restaurants in East Village.

Sunrise Mart is the best Japanese grocery store to me because I could get everything in there. Actually, I haven’t been there until recently.




Inside is bigger than I thought.

There are so many shops in East village. I have to stop by.

I dont’t really go to East Village, but now, I kind of know why there is so popular.

The arts are nice.



I was being a tourist watching and taking a picture. 🙂

National Beer Day

It is National Beer Day!

I prefer wine to beer, but I would love to celebrate National Beer Day.

So I went to Brooklyn Brewery. I had always wanted to go there.




One cup of beer and chips were free!


IPA is strong taste, so I usually don’t drink IPA, but WEST IPA was pretty good. It was floral taste.

It is funny that I got WEST IPA (right) and my husband got EAST IPA (left).


I also like Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Saison and Brooklyn Lager.

Tortilla Chips were good too. Good promotion.

It was packed at brewery after 30 minutes, so we got out of there and went to see the sunset.

The sunset from Brooklyn…


Happy National Beer Day!


It is Free Cone Day!


I went to Times Square to get an ice cream.

Donate $1 and then you can get 10% off.

Donate $5 and then you can skip the line!

That is what she said.

I waited 15 minutes and then I got The Tonight Dough.



Mmmm, so good!

The Tonight Dough (Caramel & Chocolate Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.) was created with Jimmy Fallon.

It is amazing!


Ben & Jerry’s goods are cute.

Oh, I need to buy an ice cream scoop!

I have to come back here.


If I go to Vermont, I want to go to Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is my favorite.

It is the best!

China Town

I went to Tokyo Mart in China Town today.

I thought it was a Japanese grocery store, but it is actually an Asian grocery store.

That means they have a variety of Asian groceries.

It is fun to see another countries foods.


I came here because I wanted to get a Thai curry paste.

I got a red and masaman curry paste. These are my favorite.

I got a green curry paste before. It was way too HOT!


China Town is also the place for tourist.

I always get lost in China Town. I bet it happens to everyone.

Google map helps me a lot.


Maybe that is a duck.

Hmmm, looks good!



Over the weekend wasn’t too bad, but I have been upsetting crazy immigrants.

I am immigrant too, but these people weren’t nice at all.

Sunday, my husband was taking a video of a cool elevator, then a guy almost attacked me. I was just being with him. The guy knows girl is easier to attack. He thought my husband was recording him. If it is, why not? Are you a criminal? Did you do something bad? Are you wanted? His English was really bad, but I heard he was saying fucking Asian to me. Again, I didn’t do anything. He was following us, so we almost went to police.

Yesterday, Mexican lady was using all washing machines and dryers in the shared laundy room all day long. ALL DAY LONG! She was complaing a super that machines are broken. The machines aren’t broken. You put too much clothes in the washing machines. Get over yourself.

I was afraid to go out today, but I decided to go to a gym to release the stress and then went to a grocery store.

I went to YMCA in downtown and swam for 30 minutes, and took a steam sauna.



Now, I feel much better!

Thank you YMCA!!


There are so many pizza places in New York.

I sometimes enjoy eating pizza.

Champion Pizza is my favorite. Yeah, you are the champion!

Price is good, pizza crust is amazing and people are nice. It is perfect!



I have had couple. Those are delicious!


I got a $1 pizza today.

Again, crust is amazing. How can you make it like that?


It is cozy inside.


I have to go back there again. 🙂


I love IT’S SUGAR. Who doesn’t.

I love gummies, but those melt my teeth and it hurts, so I can’t eat them actually. 😦

It is so colorful and fun.

It makes me happy.



I went to IT’S SUGAR because I kind of wanted a Moose Mug.

Have you seen “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”?

These mugs are from the movie.


It is after Christmas, so these are 50% off. Yes!

I got Moose Mug Acrylic Shot Glass for nexr year.

I am having a belated Christmas dinner with my husbands brother and his wife this week, so I got the fudge for my brother in law.

This is from “A CHRISTMAS STORY” movie.

I hope he will like it.


If you are visiting New York, it is also a good place to buy a souvenior.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It is nice outside, so I went for a walk.

It is quiet outside, but it has been really loud upstairs all day.

Their family is visiting since last week.

Upstairs and I talked about the noise.

We don’t fight. We both are being nice, but the noise pisses me off.

This apartment isn’t the place to get together.

It is one bed room apartment…

Good thing is they aren’t here parmanently, but they won’t leave here until 30th. Noooo!

Today, the happiest boy is my kitty.

He got some toys!

I got a real Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving Day.

It is beautiful and smell is good. It is nice!

It was the first time to get a real Christmas tree.

I decided to get a real one every year for Christmas, but 6-7 feet Christmas tree was a little big for my small apartment, so I will get 4-5 feet Christmas tree next year.

People drink Eggnog in America when on Christmas.

I don’t think I have had it, so I made it. I made an Eggnog cocktail.

I could imagine what is the taste like before I drink it.

I’m not a big fun of it tho I enjoyed it.

This year, many good things and bad things happend.

I am happy that this year is almost over.



Hanukkah began!

It is a Jewish holiday.

It ends Sunday, January 1st.

I didn’t really know about Jewish people until I moved in to my current apartment.

My broker and landlord are Jewish, so I learned about Jewish people a little.

I would love to experience Hanukkah a little bit, so I ate latkes(potato pancakes) and challah bread for dinner.

Which is my kitty! 😛

challah bread.jpg